Student Agenda

Student Agenda

Welcome to St. Bridget Catholic School! 

Information below will acquaint you with the routines and programs at St. Bridget Catholic School. This information is a reference throughout the school year. 

With the support of you, as parents, our highly competent staff and the St. Bridget community, we look forward to a rewarding year. 


200 Carnwith Drive West
Brooklin, Ontario, L1M 2J8
Phone: 905-655-1875
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Principal: James Tremblay
Vice-Principal: Lindsey Neubauer

 St. Bridget Catholic School Mission Statement
At St. Bridget Catholic School, we endeavour to work in partnership with the home and parish so that all children can strive to reach their fullest potential as students and followers of Christ.
 Daily School Schedule
Yard Supervision begins at 8:30 a.m. Students who walk to school or are dropped off should not arrive before 8:30 a.m. Children will not be supervised by school staff after 3:30 p.m. Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up at dismissal time.
 Bus Transportation

Students who live within the Bus Transporting Zone will have bus transportation provided. It is important children arrive at their pick-up point at the scheduled time and disembark at their designated stop. Bus students are only allowed to ride their assigned bus to and from school. Students are designated a “bus stop” and are not permitted to get on or off the bus at a different stop. Students who ride the bus are expected to travel both ways on the bus and are not allowed to walk home unless they have prior written permission from a parent or guardian. Students who walk to and from school are not permitted to ride the bus under any circumstance.

It is important for families to note that riding the school bus is a privilege. Each year, bus safety procedures and expectations are reviewed with students. All aspects of the School Code of Conduct apply while students ride on a school bus. Furthermore, students must exhibit safe behaviour when riding the bus. If an infraction occurs, a warning letter will be sent home. Please be advised that repeated infractions could result in a temporary or permanent suspension from riding the bus. In such cases, parents or guardians will be responsible for making alternative transportation arrangements.

 Kiss and Ride

Parents or Guardians who are dropping off or picking up their child must use the Kiss and Ride which is located on the east side of the school. The laneway located at the front of the school is a designated school buses loading zone only. Staff and volunteers are available in the morning to supervise students in the Kiss and Ride area. Please do not park your vehicle in the Kiss and Ride circle as it impedes the flow of traffic. For safety reasons, parents are asked not to use the staff parking lot or park directly in front of the garbage disposal bins.

We encourage all students to walk to school. This will alleviate the volume of traffic around the school during arrival and dismissal times. Parents and guardians are reminded to obey school and road signage at all times.

Volunteers are valuable members of the St. Bridget Catholic School community. They provide support in a variety of ways, including assisting in the classroom, participating in school excursions, preparing materials for students, and helping with fundraising efforts. Please note: All volunteers are required to submit a Vulnerable Sector Criminal Background Reference Check prior to volunteering in the school. A reference check is valid for the period of one year only. All volunteers must sign in at the office and receive a visitor pass prior when they arrive at the school.
 Lunch Hour
While children eat lunch in their designated classroom, they will be supervised by educators or Lunch Hour Supervisors. Students are expected to follow the rules established by the school. No student is permitted to leave the school grounds without written permission from a parent or guardian. If parents choose to drop off lunch for their child, they will notify the office and place the lunch on the table outside the main doors.
 Visiting the School
In keeping with the DCDSB Safe Schools policies, all doors will be locked during school hours for student and staff safety. Parents are asked to make an appointment if they would like to meet with their child’s teacher or visit the classroom during instructional time. Please note that anyone entering the school must first sign in at the office and obtain a visitor’s badge. During instructional hours, lunches, water bottles, and other student belongings can be left at the table located outside the front doors. At recess time, our yard is well supervised and staff will ensure that unexpected visitors sign in at the main office.
 Student Sign Out Procedure
Please notify the school Administrative Assistant if you need to pick up your child during school hours or if your child is returning from an appointment. If your child needs to leave prior to dismissal, please send a note to the classroom teacher. If you need to take your child out of school during the day, we will call him or her to the office.
 Dress Code

Parents and Guardians are encouraged to monitor how their children dress for school each day. Often, young people are not yet able to determined how weather conditions may change during the day, and as a result, arrive to school unprepared. With consistent guidance, our students can learn to dress properly for the weather conditions and the learning environment.

The Dress Code for St. Bridget Catholic School reflects an understanding that the school is a student’s place of work. Attire is to be consistent with the expectations of an environment that reflects a Catholic school community. The standards of dress for students at St. Bridget are reviewed with the Catholic School Council (as outlined by DCDSB policy). Parents need to refer to these standards when they are unsure about what is acceptable dress. The guidelines outlined apply to all in-school situations, on the school grounds, and when a student is attending school-related activities and events. The dress code is based on good health and hygiene, safety, modesty, common sense and consideration for others.

The following are the standards of dress for students at St. Bridget Catholic School:

  • Hats and caps are will not be worn in the school.
  • All clothing and accessories with slogans or pictures must be positive and appropriate for school.
  • Shirts and tops must come down over the pants or skirt. Shirts and tops that are low-cut, open-back and bare the midriff are not permitted. Shirts must have sleeves or straps (minimum 3 finger width) that are modest and fully cover undergarments. Spaghetti straps, halter tops, racer back tops, and mesh/muscle shirts that bare underarms are not appropriate.
  • Undergarments are not to be visible. Pajama pants are not appropriate school attire.
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be an appropriate length. A good length guideline is where the fingertips meet the thigh when standing. Short shorts, lowrise shorts, cut-off shorts, and close-fitting shorts are not appropriate.
  • For health and safety reasons, appropriate and secure footwear must be worn at all times. Bare feet and flip flops are not safe for outdoor play.
  • Jewelry must allow for safe participation in physical activities.
  • Fragranced products are not permitted due to allergies.
  • Appropriate dress is expected for participation in the physical education program. A change of clothes may be expected depending on the age of the student.
  • Running shoes with non-mark soles are expected.

This dress code will be enforced by all staff members. If a student arrives at school inappropriately dressed, a staff member will meet with the student to discuss what changes must be made. The final decision regarding the dress code will be made at the discretion of the Principal or designate. All dress code infractions will be addressed with discretion and respect.

An anaphylactic reaction is a sudden, severe, and possibly life-threatening reaction to

such items as peanuts, nuts, sesame seeds, shellfish, latex, etc. When a student or adult
is diagnosed with anaphylaxis, it is important that the school take extra precautions to
ensure the person’s safety and well-being. In September, certain classes will be identified
as “allergy alert classrooms.” In these classrooms, students will be asked to take extra
measures to ensure that food does contain items that can result in an anaphylactic
reaction. If your child is in an “allergy alert classroom,” you will be notified about the particular allergen(s) to be aware of. If your son or daughter has an anaphylaxis, please advise the school as soon as possible.

 Administration of Medication
The responsibility of administering medication to children rests primarily on the parent or guardian. In special circumstances, a student may require medication during school hours. If this is the case, a parent or guardian must request in writing, using the appropriate DCDSB form, for staff to administer medication. All prescription medication to be administered must include the qualified medical doctor’s statement for use and the instructions clearly stated. The medication must be kept in the original container and will be securely stored in the office. No student is permitted to keep medication in her or his possession while at school.

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